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How to get to Kitselas Canyon

Kitselas Canyon is located a 10-minute drive east of Terrace, on Kitselas Reserve No. 1 (Gitaus).


Look for the Kitselas Canyon sign on Highway 16. As you drive into Gitaus, turn left at the fork in the road. A sign will point the way to the Canyon.



Accessing the Kitselas Canyon Natural Historic Site.

The interpretive centre longhouses and washrooms are all accessible. While the Canyon Trail can be accessed by wheel chair, the viewing platform itself is only accessible by stairs.


We aim to be as accommodating as possible. Please don’t hesitate to reach out ahead of your visit for more information:

Everyone is welcome

At the Kitselas Canyon National Historical Site everyone is welcome regardless of background, ethnicity, gender expression or orientation.


This is a safe space for all people and we are committed to the values of equity, diversity and inclusion.  

Everyone is welcome at Kitseas Canyon
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